Now, this is not to say that you do not want to tease that special someone in the bedroom with what you choose to wear either. Part of the fun of wearing something tantalizing is being able to flaunt what you’ve got.


Here are some tips about selecting the ultimate bedroom pieces:


Get crazy. Hes used to seeing you in a bra and panties (and loves it) but why not try giving him something unexpected? Guys are not known for being the most in tune when you try to show them that ehh…Onsie? One piece? Leotard/ unitard? Bodysuit-thing? They have no clue. But that doesn’t mean they don’t like it! Strappy bodysuits are playful and different, and sometimes you don’t even need to wear a bra (or panties) with them, which is ultra clutch!


The strappier the better. Bondage wear plays to those deeper inappropriate desires in a playful way. Seeing your body hugged by a whole set of straps will be a serious turn on and give you more leverage for teasing him.


But, you may prefer a more simple bedroom look and that is equally as strong an option. Maybe you like to get naked early, or the hassle of taking the straps off isn’t worth the pain. (we get that) In that case, try a strappy thong and bralette or simple harness. This look has all the allure, but with just a bit less…straps. J