One of the most important things to remember when wearing lingerie is that you are wearing it for yourself first. Its like makeup, many people (especially boys) assume that you are putting on these extra adornments for them. When in reality you are wearing beautiful things to make YOU feel beautiful.


Part of the fun of lingerie is the feeling of such delicate materials touching your skin, and no one has any idea but you.

You could be your most single self, but we still consider lingerie equally as important of a wardrobe feature.


Sadly, every day life doesn’t allow people to get all dressed up. A fun way to fill this desire is through lingerie. In playing dress up with yourself, even if you are walking into work in head to toe scrubs or business professional, you still get to express your love for fun color combinations and ultra feminine materials.


Consider it a power move. When you are leading a team on a new project, no one knows you are wearing a sheer black bra, and they don’t need to. But you know it, and that dirty little secret might be enough to empower you amongst your colleagues.