Lingerie since the beginning has been viewed as the most intimate and sensual of things for a woman to wear. Though over time views of lingerie have changed, and different styles have been created for different reasons – one thing remains the same. Lingerie makes a woman feel sexy.


A huge component of what goes into the “sexiness” of lingerie is the materials, unlike your standard cotton go to, lingerie might be made from any variety of materials including satin elastic, silk, velvet, or lace.


Perhaps it is your wedding day, and under that dress you want that sexy little secret to commemorate the day. For this occasion you might prefer a white lacey set that pairs well under your dress style.


On the flip side, the occasion of a honeymoon may call for something slightly more sensual. To enhance your natural beauty and draw to your man, something darker, more sultry, and strappy might be in order.


Depending on the look of mood you may be going for, any variety of colors or materials could be preferred. But one thing that all lingerie designers aim to satisfy, is your urge to feel sexy.